Who We Are


Sensormatic is the leader of the industry as an integrator of electronic security and business intelligence since 1994. The company operates with a country-wide service network with more than 300 expert employees and technical teams in 16 provinces. The objective is to deliver solutions that will ensure maximum efficiency while meeting the specific needs of each customer with the experience and know-how. The company has been serving its customers in a sustainable way with more than 40 thousand applications in 12 different industries.

Securitas and Sensormatic

Sensormatic is a Securitas group company. Securitas was founded in Sweden in 1934 and is currently active in 48 countries with more than 355 thousand employees featuring a wide network of services including specialized security services, technological solutions, consultancy and research among many others. Following the merger in 2011, Sensormatic has been even more vested with the competency to develop global projects in which technology and human power are smoothly integrated with the strength of Securitas group as a deep rooted international organization.

"We help make your world a safer place"

Sensormatic has always targeted to contribute to a safer society with its projects since its foundation.

Likewise, Sensormatic employees have always strived to deliver a more peaceful, independent and high quality life style under the guidance of these values and objectives.



Sensormatic always keeps its objective in the heart of its strategy.

It constantly discovers the outlook, expectations and values of its customers. And aims at establishing long term and strong relations based on its solutions and services.

Client Centric

Places human in the heart of its reason of being. 

Observes the contribution and success of its employees and make it felt. 

People Focused

Handles data carefully and uses them to deliver results and values to customers and employees alike. 

Relies on data to develop better and smarter solutions. 

Data Driven

Aims at being the Smart Preventive Security Solution Partner with Sensormatic strategy. 



Systems of our age that are constantly improved and evolved are able to integrate, communicate and perceive each other while developing meaningful outputs from such perception.   

And Sensormatic has kept flourishing with technology retaining the title to be the company that has always launched the best and the most innovative technologies to the industry. 

The company has been designing various projects with its technology foundation consisting of around 80 brands with proven quality - 35 of which are international brands.



Despite artificial intelligence and robotic technology solutions that have been developing quite steadily in many areas, highly experienced humans with decision making capabilities that can interpret and use data skillfully are the ones that shape future.  The foundation of this business will comprise of such people in new generation security too. Sensormatic delivers new generation security services with its specialized team that develops continuously thanks to 40 hours training per year on average with a pioneering spirit consisting of human-focused, reliable and accountable individuals - 50% of which are engineers and technicians. 



Sensormatic is well aware of the fact that there is no "single security" solution that fits all in either Turkey or in the world. For this reason, the company has been developing specific solutions for each requirement in 12 different industries since its foundation. The company is proud to serve BJK Vodafone Park Stadium, headquarters of 8 banks out of 15 leading banks in Turkey, 38 different airports both domestically and internationally including Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Adnan Menderes Airport, almost 135 prisons and finally 57 retailers out of 200 biggest retailers of the country based on the turnover figures. Sensormatic makes difference with its future-driven service concept and the know-how that has been acquired within this diverse portfolio.  

Our Values


Sensormatic employees are honest. The purpose is not only to reach a conclusion but to have fulfilled our promises diligently, completely and timely. Since, the company is the master of its business and a company of its word. Integrity also means expressing one's opinions, reporting non-compliant situations and not to withhold any information. 


Sensormatic employees always act in vigilance. They realize minute details that others can't. They possess the vigilance to foresee risks and adverse events in any business setting that customers can't realize. This is what it takes to be a master of your job.


Sensormatic employees are ready for help whenever needed. They work for the benefit of people with the most competent individuals. They melt their know-how of many years in the same pot with their competencies to offer them as a value to customers.



The number of awards increases directly proportional to the reliability of our business processes thanks to Technology, Information and Human Focused solutions.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

All employees receive training on the "Values and Code of Ethics of Sensormatic" and act in accordance with the code with the requirement to notify any breach. All team members can freely express themselves thanks to open and transparent management philosophy and share their feelings and thoughts. They can report their complaints through Integrity Line and other channels and receive feedback in a very short time. Sensormatic monitors all requests and complaints of its employees very carefully. 

Please click for code of ethics.

How Can We Help You?

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