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Manage your business with real data not with assumptions. 

Sensormatic traffic analysis solutions bring ease of management to stores and shopping malls based on real data while facilitating your job in areas such as sales, operation and renting. 

Traffic Analysis Solutions for Stores 

You can obtain answers to questions like which are the peak times, how many people pass by your store, how many of them enter, how many of them buy something and so on to increase efficiency and sales amount. 

Measuring the store entry-exit traffic together with date and time information, Sensormatic's People Counting Solution identifies the shopper traffic with 3D sensors and transforms those traffic data into meaningful reports. Such reports are communicated to relevant persons on real time. System is based on the principle of counting persons that pass through predefined borders while monitoring the visitor movement at store entrance with double sensor 3D camera mounted on the ceiling. 

Strategic Active Sales Data for Successful Campaigns 

The system also enables viewing the campaigns' effect on visitor numbers and sales ratios to facilitate active sales monitoring in sales and marketing departments. This gives important clues when launching new campaigns and taking strategic decisions. 

Number of Employees and Shift Order Optimization 

You can perform day and time based density analyses thanks to the system. This helps arranging working days and times of the personnel with the number of personnel based on shopper traffic during week days and weekends, and also arranging the weekly/yearly leaves of personnel. 

Showcase Arrangement Efficiency Solution 

The system uses number of people that pass by the store and that enter the store to identify attractive showcase arrangements and to perform further arrangements based on such data.

Store Location Value Identification 

You can measure the attraction potential of the street or shopping mall where the store is located and find out the conversion rate from the number of people visiting the store, and obtain better data on store and location efficiency. Managers can take decisions that are based on data in strategic topics such as opening or closing a store or setting the rental fee. 

Traffic Analysis Solutions for Shopping Malls 

These solutions bring data that will be the basis for critical decisions in Shopping Malls. This delivers optimum benefit in various areas such as traffic and visitor behavior analysis solutions, development of renting and management strategies, setting up the best brand mixture, increasing the efficiency of marketing strategies and gaining loyal customers. Moreover, you can also get efficiency in security and power management. 

From Visitor Traffic to Decision Making Data  

The system generates data that will help identifying the peak hours, most preferred stores, visitor density and attractive areas in shopping malls. 

  • Shopper movements inside the shopping mall 
  • The first visited store 
  • Which store is visited by customers in which order 
  • Visiting frequency 
  • Times of highest traffic 
  • Corridor traffic 
  • Rates of visiting the stores 
  • Effective in laying down the renting conditions 

Renting conditions of areas inside the shopping mall can be identified based on the location value that can be proven with visitor traffic data. 

Effective in Performance Measurement and Increase 

Based on the visitor traffic data, the performance of actual campaigns and activities can be measured with their effect on traffic. New campaigns and activities can be planned based on such data to obtain maximum result. 

Support for Staffing 

Those areas with highest visitor traffic during peak times can be identified to help security and cleaning teams with additional personnel. These actions will surely increase visitors' satisfactionlevel in exchange of theservicethey receive. 

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