IP Video Systems

It is possible to establish and easily manage advanced and practical systems with network based video systems via IP.  

Today's popular video surveillance systems are based on IP network technology due to many advantages that they offer. 

Benefits of IP Video Systems 

  • High resolution support, easy and practical installation, digital image quality, analysis support and flexible integration structure are the leading benefits of these systems.  
  • Sensormatic can integrate the leading IP video security brands with other systems such as fire, access control, audio, etc. upon request in the most technological way possible. 
  • The wide spectrum of solutions provided by IP Video Technologies brings the capability to construct high security systems for shopping malls, residential areas, stadiums and airports thanks to wide integration possibilities and artificial intelligence analysis skills.  
  • IP video systems can be structured to work from multiple centers and locations.  
  • In this way, those multi-center or distributed structure companies are supported to receive video surveillance service in a more organized way. 
  • You can define different users with different levels of authorization using video monitoring solutions that can be migrated to cloud thanks to secure connection, and receive alerts about possible problems in the system or access video clips through your mobile phones without the need for a desktop computer from various locations instantly. 

Catch the Details Remotely with High Resolution IP Cameras 

IP based video monitoring systems enable you to dig into details that are hundreds of meters away thanks to high resolution camera options with saving feature, and then to focus on specific points using such images.  

You can monitor any spot in stadiums, marinas, airports or construction sites thanks to this highly advanced and easy installation systems wherever you need clear images in remote locations. 

Today, it is possible to discern details of human face from 150 m distance with external lens cameras featuring maximum 30 MP resolution. On the other hand, you can get clear image of license plates from 250 m distance or you can choose to focus on multiple locations through 64 different windows and monitor each of those locations separately with 30 MP resolution cameras in a very clear way. 

Vodafone Park Stadium is one of the most prominent examples of this technology in the world where all these systems are successfully implemented. This project was designed, implemented and has been operated by Sensormatic from end to end.  

In this 45-thousand seat capacity stadium, there are 53 high resolution cameras to monitor the whole location.  

The system is not only a masterpiece in that it has high resolution image quality but also recorded images are easily retrieved and there are numerous tracking technologies underlying the system. 

IP based video monitoring systems enable you to dig into details that are hundreds of meters away thanks to high resolution camera options with saving feature, and then to focus on specific points using such images.  

Thermal Camera Solutions 

Thermal cameras are used for the purpose of easily detecting high temperatures emitted by humans, animals or vehicles where lighting conditions are poor or where distances matter. 

This type of thermal cameras feature advanced level of artificial intelligence skills with the possibility of setting rules and analyses while some models can detect heat beyond fog and used in sensitive security areas. 

The thermal cameras that are additionally equipped with point temperature detection and/or measurement feature are developed to measure temperature in a specific point. 

Such models can measure extremely hot or cold spots based on point or zone analysis and deliver very punctual measurements. 

As an alternative use case, human body temperature above 36°C can be detected from a distance of 1-5 m with these cameras which facilitates taking measures against infectious diseases. 

Thermal camera thermometers are especially important within the scope of security measures in the time of pandemic. 

The sensitivity of such cameras can be adjusted to alert above any temperature, however generally above 36°C – 37°C. 

As soon as individuals with body temperature beyond such levels enter the angle of vision, the camera activates sound and visual alert, recording and similar features to create detection scenarios. 

It will be ideal to position the camera with 30+ degree angle (1 turnstile or narrow corridor) with 1-5 m distance based on the qualification of the camera. 

The images from the camera should be tracked right next to the camera via a portable or desktop computer. 

Since, it will be difficult to distinguish individuals on the image as thermal camera delivers the image only as a silhouette. 

In addition to IP camera systems, you can also find video analysis systems to cope with security breaches as well as video surveillance systems for crowded spaces such as Shopping Malls, parking lots and offices, and analog HD video systems, license plate identification systemsunder-vehicle surveillance systems and electronic security services that are operated with 100% superior technology.   

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