Wireless Communication Technologies

One of the most important performance asset in wireless network systems is the operability at wired connection speed. Sensormatic’s Extreme Networks product range ensures wireless connection at the same speed as wired connection. 

Wave 2 technology of Extreme Networks goes beyond increasing transaction volume and stands out with "Multiple User MIMO (MU-MIMO)" feature. This feature enables multiple users to transfer different data in a single transmission from a single network access point. And this eliminates the problem of speed in multiple user settings. This means flawless internet connection in large events where thousands of people surf such as stadiums, schools or offices. 

Sensormatic makes difference with Extreme Networks - No. 1 on global scale for servicing solutions. 


  • This system can be integrated with 3rd party solutions to report location and density data through wireless network products. 
  • It yields higher speed and superior quality with Wave 2 technology. 
  • Products with various features operate at maximum efficiency regardless of operating conditions (indoors - outdoors).  
  • The system is reliable against many threats and attacks thanks to the security layer on wireless network devices. 
  • Solutions can be created for many different needs with the wireless control device that can operate on Cloud or Hardware. 

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