Wired Communication Technologies

Businesses’ expectations on high performance and cloud data have been increasing steadily due to technological developments such as increase in IOT systems and IP technologies. 

Accordingly, Sensormatic delivers a wide range of solutions in varying sizes from projects with small data transfer needs to projects with high level data transfer requirements in all respects. 


  • Uninterrupted data transfer at wired connection speed. 
  • Operation and support guarantee with Extreme Networks products that are globally leading products in servicing terms by Extreme Networks employees.
  • Brings advantage to users with its modular processing system. 
  • Comes with high performance central switching options. 
  • We work on flexible products that can bring different solutions for each end user built on novel technologies. 

Ease of Placement with ExtremeFabric Technology 

The system supports ExtremeFabric structure which enables all wired network communication products in a single point to connect and operate under a single roof (fabric) thanks to high capacity wired network communication products for all businesses that need large scale data transfer. 

ExtremeFabric automatizes interconnection of many Extreme Networks' wired network products and turns them into a single logical and resistant "mesh" to simplify both campus and data center networks. 

Once ExtremeFabric is set up, it leverages connection between two points with edge devices connected together with high convenience and transparent access. 

How Can We Help You?

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