Fire Detection Solutions

Fire detection and notification solutions are mandatory electronic security systems for buildings that should be available according to certain legal standards and regulations so that loss of lives or property is prevented or minimized by detecting fires as soon as possible. 

Fire Detection Solutions of Sensormatic; 

  • Presents a very wide product portfolio for reliable and accurate fire detection system with EN certificate. 
  • Fires can be detected even before it takes place thanks to detection rate and time is gained for early response. 
  • Provides saving from maintenance and repair costs thanks to low malfunction rate and long life operation. Equipped with smart signal processing, smart fire detectors minimize false alarms with decisive detection feature. 
  • Fire panels can be integrated to other building management systems using special software. In a possible case of fire, all actions that help prevention of the spread of fire and that facilitate evacuation can be automatically performed with integrated systems from the location of elevators to activation of smoke discharge system and stairs pressurization fans. 

Malfunctions in fire detection system can be detected remotely by the Remote Fire Detection Services and preliminary information can be provided for providing relevant equipment before the response which saves time and cost in maintenance and service response. 

It is also possible to remotely configure and monitor fire detection system, to monitor pollution level of detectors and to identify the equipment that need servicing with a secure network connection on a single interface. 

Video based fire detection system detects fire at its source with the flame and smoke which saves time for early response while reducing or minimizing the loss of lives and property. 

These systems can support the main fire detection system in large areas such as aircraft hangars, warehouses or tunnels. 

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