Loss Prevention System

Your store communicates with you... 

Loss Prevention (Shrink Management as a Service) from Sensormatic that delivers a special solution for lost products which adversely affect growth of the retail industry. 

Designed to reduce losses, to ensure product tracking, and to increase sales and raise customer satisfaction level with the most effective and appropriate store personnel assessment tool, this solution stands out with its flexibility and ease of use thanks to cloud based structure. 

Loss Prevention Management Service manages the performance of devices in the Electronic Article Surveillance System and helps identification of the reasons of in-store losses with the data in hand. 

All system devices can be tracked remotely and proactively by relevant experts. 

  • Store managers are now able to track whether product tracking systems in their stores work properly or not thanks to Loss Prevention Management System. 
  • Additionally, they can also view the stores with the highest loss ratio instantly together with the nature of each loss. 
  • It is possible to attain insight reports to reduce losses with better equipment performance thanks to this innovative service. For instance, if there are too many metal folio tag alarms in a store, the manager can take additional measures to eliminate the problem. 

Customizable Components enable you to view data and compare your performance metrics on the basis of district, region or organization. 

You can be sure about the latest condition of your hardware with 24/7/365 Automatic and Remote Surveillance and EAS management. 

With the Minimization of Failure Time, you can minimize the time spent for the management of your hardware. 

You can take accurate decisions based on data with Insight Action Reports and improve the loss results. 

You can also eliminate possible problems with Proactive Correction of Hardware Problems and notifications of support teams that require maintenance. 

Email Notifications will allow you to receive notifications when an activity exceeds a predefined threshold. 

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure and EAS status reports are designed for the growth of your company. 

You can reinforce existing systems with Flexible and Scalable Integration and decide which connection is best for your business. 

In addition to Loss prevention systems, you can cope with security breach cases with Electronic Article Surveillance systems, antenna systems, tag and decoupler systems and deactivator systems that will prevent confusion with 100% up-to-date technology in crowded places such as shopping malls, stores and supermarkets under the umbrella of Sensormatic. 

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