The highest detection capacity of the industry with AM (Acousto Magnetic) technology 

Delivering the highest detection performance of the industry, Sensormatic EAS systems that are built on AM (Acousto Magnetic) technology feature a wide array of components such as antennas, tags, deactivators and decouplers.  The band width and operation frequency of Electronic Article Surveillance Systems determine the capability of the system in detection and accuracy terms. Developed by Sensormatic, "AM (Acousto Magnetic)" features the latest and the most advanced technology of the industry with 58 kHz frequency and 8.2 MHz wavelength which produce a much higher performance ratio compared to radio frequency (RF) systems. Radio frequency (RF) is used in many electronic devices including EAS systems which causes false alarms as they adversely affect system performance and cause interference with electromagnetic systems. 

The tags that are used in AM Electronic Article Surveillance systems of Sensormatic present a much wide spectrum compared to RF tags and perform better on metal/liquid surfaces. 

In addition to Antenna Systems, you can cope with security breach cases with Electronic Article Surveillance systems and loss prevention systems, tag systemsdecoupler and deactivator systems with 100% up-to-date technology in crowded places such as shopping malls, stores and supermarkets under the umbrella of Sensormatic. 

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