Electronic Article Surveillance Solutions

Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance Systems are designed with  state of art detection and deactivation performance in a durable, easy-to-use and different  aesthetic options

"Full security & advanced performance with EAS" 

Research shows that losses caused by internal theft and shoplifting as well as inadequate inventory management and inefficient operations cause approximately 100 billion USD cost to the industry. 

What is EAS Performance Chain? 

Electronic Article Surveillance systems will deliver maximum benefit only when implemented with the right technology, tag and process description. 

These 3 principle rings in the store performance chain will directly affect efficiency and profitability when they operate with harmony.  


Acousto Magnetic (AM) - an EAS technology - is one of the latest developed and most advanced systems of the industry. 

Designed to overcome weaknesses of other available technologies, AM systems deliver much stronger detection performance against shielding with higher resistance to false alarms with the highest detection width   

For this reason, AM (Acousto Magnetic) is preferred in a wider scale today with growing rates. 

In Store

When non-Sensormatic consumables are used in EAS technologies, it is extremely difficult to prevent in- and out-of-store losses while such consumables negatively affect a business' operating profitability due to service costs or necessity to buy new consumables due to shorter lifespan. 

Consequently, selection of original products  is extremely important for the implementation of performance chain. 

Consumables are designed in accordance with the texture of different products such as shoes, accessories, textile, electronics, food & beverage, optics and cosmetic products. 

Selection and application of non-Sensormatic consumables cause breakage of performance chain and reduction in total efficiency. 

Store Staff Interaction

The last ring is the trust of personnel in the system. 

The trust and engagement of personnel with the system plays the most important role in total efficiency. 

However, store conditions, anlamadım bunu or non-deactivated consumables might cause false alarm in EAS systems. Increase in false alarm numbers will also cause reduction in total efficiency of the system. 

You can minimize false alarm number with  EAS systems that are established with the selection most suitable storefront application and original consumables by creating trust for store staff to engage with EAS technology. 

In addition to Electronic Article Surveillance Systems, you can cope with security breach cases with loss prevention systems, antenna systems, tag systemsdecoupler and deactivator systems and also Electronic Article Surveillance services with 100% up-to-date technology in crowded places such as shopping malls, stores and supermarkets under the umbrella of Sensormatic. 


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