Conference, Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions

For perfect clarity and flow in any kind of meeting, you can rely on the solutions of Sensormatic for convention centers, universities, international events or any kind of setting that needs simultaneous interpretation service. 

Supporting up to 31 different language channels, the system is ideal for any kind of meeting from small scale to a multi-language conference with thousands of participants. 

While enabling basic level speech and listening without operator support, the system also support reflecting the photo of the speaker on monitors or large screen next to the speaker's name upon request. 

You can maximize efficiency of meetings with electronic voting feature. 

You can make difference by storing voting results or printing and viewing them for participants to enhance the efficiency of meetings. 

Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions 

These systems enable music broadcast in crowded areas such as schools, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, social facilities, plants and offices while also ensuring fast and secure evacuation of buildings in cases of terrorist attacks or natural disasters. 

You can toggle between music and announcement with Emergency Call systems. 

Music broadcast continues when there is no announcement. 

You can choose the target area for an announcement using the call station and keep pressing the main button until speech and announcement is over. 

It is also possible to design the system by dividing any venue into different parts thanks to wide selection of speakers. 

You can broadcast different music genres to different areas and instruct the system to switch to emergency call in emergencies with the pre-recorded audio message. 

In addition, these systems can be integrated with other security solutions such as fire detection and activate incoming warnings from the fire system. 

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