Mobile Access Control Systems

Smart phones have already started to replace office ID cards, parking lot tags or home keys. 

Inevitable parts of our lives, mobile phones and mobile devices are used in access control systems too. 

Smart phones and mobile devices have started to replace keyboards or smart cards in mobile access control systems. With this application, you can use your smart phone or mobile device as key for office, parking lot or even your house. You can start using the system by downloading the application to your smart phone or mobile device and create your own mobile ID with the simplicity of installation standing out in this ideal solution. 

Companies alike can create or cancel IDs on their website in a fast and easy manner. System is supported by mobile devices such as smart phone, tablet and smart watch with iPhone or Android operating system. 


  • Activated automatically in certain time intervals. 
  • In this way, entry and exit outside office hours gets easier. 
  • All entry-exit actions can be recorded and reported in detail. 
  • Designed for the easy and efficient use of the system administrator, portal helps admins to manage the process smoothly with single or multiple user identities. 
  • Admins are able to create new user by sending an invitation to the Bluetooth or NFC phones of users to download the HID Mobile Access application directly. 
  • Sensormatic relies on the world's most reliable and advanced products from American HID Global that is one of the Assa Abloy group of companies in mobile access control systems. 

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