Electro Mechanical Lock Systems

Locks are becoming much smarter. Critical zones are more secure now! 

Mechanical locks can be opened with conventional keys and anyone in the possession of keys can open the lock anytime. Even more, security restricted areas might be accessed by more than one individual by replicating the keys. 

Electro mechanical locking solutions make it possible to open locks on a preset date and time. 

Electro mechanical locks house different types of locks for each location just like conventional keys. 

However, no matter how strong the mechanic lock is, any person that gets the possession of the key can open the lock. With electro mechanical locks, you can authorize any key between certain hours or for a certain period time to prevent uncontrolled access. 

In addition, you don't need a separate key for each lock since keys are single type but they can't open any lock unless authorized. Such locks also take note of the time of opening, time of access or which key was used. 

Operational Efficiency 

Imagine there are numerous locks at the point of security. You would need separate keys for each lock. 

With electromagnetic locks, you can open all locks with a single key based on the access authority. 

Security Management 

You can manage which locks to be opened or not as well as at which times they should be opened from the control center. This will prevent access even though the user holds the keys to a specific 


Advanced Technology 

A key with no access authority can be authorized to access from the control center. The holder of the key can receive such authority from the authority unit devices.  Where such devices are not available, they can upload the authority easily using internet or Bluetooth on their mobile phone and open the lock. 

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