Remote Surveillance Center Services

Remote Surveillance Center monitors alarm systems in stores, hotels, warehouses, etc. 7/24 against theft, fire, gas leakage, flood or emergencies. 

The system notifies relevant authorities in case of alarm for rapid and effective response. 

Remote password management 

User and password changes on installed alarm systems can be remotely managed by the expert operators in the Remote Surveillance Center. 

This service is widely preferred by retailers where personnel turnover rate is high with a dispersed structure. 

Remote alarm verification with video 

In case of alarm, the operators of the Remote Surveillance Center can connect to the camera systems of the business and check the alarming area rapidly and safely. 

This relieves the store manager from the burden to verify the alarm by checking the area physically. 

Remote patrol with video 

Specially trained operators of the Remote Surveillance Center can access the camera system of any area and remotely view them live. 

You can get uninterrupted full security with the Virtual Patrol that can be integrated to physical patrols of security officers. 

Vehicle, person and cargo tracking 

Remote Surveillance Center tracks alarm signals from systems that are integrated to track vehicles, persons or cargo and notifies when necessary which brings early and effective intervention opportunity. 

Remote access management with video 

This service grants or denies permit to access when necessary by remotely controlling the access control system such as gate, swing barrier or shutters. 

Access permit can be controlled by video verification, sound/video conference or password verification by phone. 

Remote escort with video cameras 

This is the service of remotely escorting individuals to support their personal security by camera system. 

For instance, if you leave office late at night and need to walk to the parking lot, your route can be checked by the Remote Surveillance Center operators until you get on your car. 

Remote surveillance with video camera  

Are your security personnel on duty? 

Do your store personnel wear proper clothing? 

Do they breach their duties like using their mobile phones? 

Is the social distance respected between shoppers and sales personnel? 

Are the departments tidy? 

Remote Surveillance Center operators can check all the areas by remotely connecting via cameras in similar situations. 

And the results can be reported. 

Remote health check 

Any device that is a part of the network and critical for the system can be traced against any abnormality (camera, disk, modem, person counting system, etc.). The devices with any abnormality can be remotely checked and service can be provided with remote connection if needed. 

When the problem can not be eliminated with remote connection, technical service can be provided. 

And the whole process is reported. 

Protection of remote facility borders with video (RVS) 

In this service type, Remote Surveillance Center resolves the alarm from smart camera systems that are installed in parallel with physical barriers such as fence-wire-wall built around a certain venue alerting that such barriers are breached, and then informs relevant authorities while deterring the intruders with equipment such as light or sirens and announcements. 

Remote Surveillance Integrated Systems 

In addition to Remote Surveillance Center services, Sensormatic offers facial recognition, contactless biometric access control systems, thermal thermometer camera systems and heat map systems with cameras in crowded areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets and offices, and also 100% contactless security services with remote monitoring systems such as RVS Go during the pandemic period.  

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