Heat Map Solution

Heat Map Solution tracks number of people automatically in crowded areas such as stores, supermarkets, gym centers, shopping mall corridors and food courts, hotels and hotel restaurants. 

This plug&play heat map device can analyze the density real time while offering certain data visually such as number of people, number of people with access permit or duration of visit. 

Three dimensional sensors and cameras measure the number of people in a certain area. 

This helps establishing control over the areas with dense human traffic. 

The display that is positioned at the entrances are set to show the instant density, number of people waiting or duration. 

The system notifies when capacity is full. 

The heat map system can be integrated to the mobile application of the installed area (shopping mall, store, hotel, airport, etc.) 

In this way, visitors can learn about the density of the area that they will visit beforehand. 

✓Helps combating with the spread of diseases by taking human traffic under control. 

✓You can measure the usage rate of areas with density statistics and manage different operations such as cleaning, additional staff, etc. 

✓Can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Other Pandemic Solutions 

In addition to Heat Map Solution, Sensormatic offers contactless biometric access solutions and thermal cameras in crowded areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and offices, and also 100% contactless security services with remote monitoring systems such as RVS Go during the pandemic period as well as in the transition to new normal.   

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