Iris Recognition

Like many other biometric solutions, the iris layer on human eye contains many unique data. 

The most outstanding feature of iris recognition against other biometric solutions is that it can not be copied. 

This feature makes iris recognition system one of the most reliable solutions among other access control systems in addition to rapid screening, low implementation cost and being a hygienic solution. Iris recognition system is capable of detection from 35-45 cm distance and recognize the person within less than a second. 

Equipped with IP65 standard compliant casing that protects the system against dust and any kind of low pressure water, the solution can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

This solution can be integrated to access management software and other electronic security solutions too. 

Iris Recognition System and More 

We are here to help you to take any kind of precaution against any occurrence with our various solutions like facial recognition, contactless fingerprint scanner, body temperature and mask control systems. 

In addition to Iris Recognition Solution, Sensormatic offers heat map systems with cameras in crowded areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets and offices, and also 100% contactless security services with remote monitoring systems such as RVS Go during the pandemic period as well as in the transition to new normal. 

CMITech EF-45 series 


Rapid recognition in 1 second including the use of Eyeglasses/Lens  


Eligible for outdoors with IP65 protection 


Visitor/personnel access management and flexible reporting with Passlogic integration. 


Contactless, remote detection 

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