Facial Recognition

Equipped with the latest technologies and the most advanced algorithms, Facial Recognition System ensures top level hygiene for both employees and also visitors with contactless remote detection feature.  

Defining the face of each individual with a 256 digits mathematical algorithm in an unalterable and unrepeatable code, the system maximizes the accuracy level by processing the algorithm of points on the face such as lips and nose. 

Facial recognition system is equipped with the camera featuring resolution rate that is appropriate for the environment and distance to ensure rapid matching, and enables the highest accuracy and security level under various lighting conditions. 

In addition to Facial Recognition System, Sensormatic offers contactless biometric access control systems, thermal thermometer camera systems, heat map systems with cameras in crowded areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets and offices, and also 100% contactless security services with remote monitoring systems such as RVS Go during the pandemic period.  

Virdi UBio-X Pro series 

Ease of Use, High Security 

Access control with facial recognition, card reader and password on a single device. 

The system makes difference with its camera that ensures recognition under even the lowest light conditions with its rapid detection capability and high user capacity. 

  • 500.000 user capacity 
  • 10.000.000 incident recording capacity 
  • 2 MP built-in camera 
  • 5’’ touch screen 
  • Simultaneous twin card format technology (EM125 kHz and Mifare 13.56 MHz)  
  • Three layer (password, fingerprint, facial recognition) verification upon request 

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