Contactless Biometric Access Control Solutions

The system processes biometric data such as iris, face and fingerprint and enables access to any area with no contact. Accuracy degree is maximized thanks to deep learning algorithm in the background.  Contactless access features bring solution to hygiene that is one of the most challenging problems of today. 

You can use the system anywhere that should be checked during access such as business places and stores with contactless biometric access control systems. 

The system denies access to visitors and personnel without first passing through temperature and mask control with the software support*. The system allows a certain individual capacity that is pre-designated for a space based on the square meter measure (cafe, cafeteria, terrace, etc.). Once the maximum number is reached, new access is not granted until the number is level again. With the retrospective checking feature, you can easily track who else have passed through the gate that was used by any infected person. 

*C-Cure 9000 

Iris Recognition System enables access by scanning the iris of individuals which can not be copied and unique to everyone. 

Facial Recognition System verifies the face with 256 digits recognition process from lips, nose and chin. 

Contactless Fingerprint Recognition System detects 4 fingers in 3D and instantly verifies the identity via fingerprint scanner. 

Benefits of Contactless Biometric Systems 

✓Enables fast access without waiting thanks to rapid detection capabilities. 

✓Incident tracking is possible through live or retrospective records. 

✓Can be integrated to access management software and other electronic security solutions. 

✓Can be upgraded with various features such as payroll management, instant location notification, road map, e-mail notification or emergency roll-call with additional software. 

Other Pandemic Solutions 

In addition to contactless biometric access control systems, Sensormatic offers thermal thermometer camera systems, heat map systems with cameras in crowded areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets and offices, and also 100% contactless security services with remote monitoring systems such as RVS Go during the pandemic period as well as in the transition to new normal.  


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