Retail Inventory Management Solution

Bringing added value to retail industry representatives in operational efficiency, RFID Inventory Tracking solution enables businesses to track their products from production phase to the point of sale to their shoppers in the store. This solves many issues such as inventory accuracy, department management, omnichannel inventory management and supplier mistakes. 

Product Tracking from Production to Sales 

With RFID Inventory Management System, products can be tracked throughout their lifespan from production to sales. Each product can be tracked individually with the ID number attached. The process starts by tagging the product at source (by producer) or by attaching the RFID ID in the warehouse or stores. This process covers all steps such as transfer from producer to warehouse, transfer from warehouse to goods receipt or stores, goods receipt at the stores, transfer to in-store department, department completion, counting, product finding, fitting room tracking, POS sales and return tracking, and exit from the store by RFID antennas and gates.  

Complete Counting of Thousands of Products in Minutes 

Offering a sustainable and scalable structure, Sensormatic's RFID solution can count 30.000 products in a store within 30 minutes. This enables counting items each week or even everyday rather than annually or semi-annually. In RFID retail application, the smart tags on the products are scanned by radio waves and product is recognized in this way. RFID tags don't require optic scanning contrary to barcode tags. 

Scanner doesn't have to detect the tag exactly. This makes it possible to scan all items on the shelves or hangers or even inside the boxes in a very simple and fast way. Counting time is reduced as you can scan hundreds of products within seconds. While you can count items only annually or semi-annually with barcode technology, you can count items every day thanks to RFID system. 

This reduces the burden on the personnel. 

Shoppers Can Find any Item any Moment with Inventory Accuracy up to 99,8% 

Market averages show that availability of products in the retail area is between 65 and 85 percent.

Furthermore, this ratio can be elevated to 98 percent with the RFID solutions of Sensormatic which also fosters the sales figures in a very short time.  

You can identify which product should be in the retail zone with pre-defined scenarios. 

With the reduction of excessive inventory and increase in the availability of products in the retail zone, shoppers will be able to access any product any time which means more sales. This will increase the sales figures by 21%. 

Less Inventory, More Sales Opportunities 

You can sell more with less in-store inventory up to 13% thanks to increased inventory accuracy. 

In this way, you can turn the working capital into cash or enable more sales opportunities by increasing the product range. 

No More Profitability Loss Due to Products on Discount Before They Hit the Department 

RFID technology facilitates department management which in turn positively affects customer satisfaction. 

Any product that is not available on the department can be found instantly thanks to RFID handheld terminals in the department or storage room. 

Consequently, you can respond to customers' demand immediately and trace missing products. 

This puts an end to price discounts, inventory costs or sell-outs while ensuring product availability at highest level. 

Thus, you attain both saving and income increase. 

19% Increase in Average Transaction Value with the Increase in Cross-Sales 

By preventing sell-out, each product will also ensure selling other products too. 

Cross-sales opportunity increases with combinations and accessories that are sold together with the product. 

A shopper that can't find his/her choice of product will probably give up shopping while others will continue the shopping experience and even buy other products too. 

The average transaction value will increase by 19% with the improvement in RFID applications. 

Tailor-Made Data Flow with Different Reporting Options 

The "department completion" list that is used for maximizing the department accuracy and product availability as well as the "order list" reports that are suggested for the supply of out-of-stock products are generated by the system automatically. 

On the other hand, you can also get additional reports such as comparison of products whose alarms are removed and those products sold, tracking of products that are not sold but not available in the store (lost), comparison of tried products in the fitting room and those sold, and finally the products that are transferred from storage to store and vice versa. 

Customer Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency and Sales Increase with Fitting Room Tracking Module 

You can track those products that enter, stay or exit the fitting room with the fitting room module. 

You can analyze the information on the type and quantity of products in the fitting room as well as whether such products are purchased or left in the fitting room. 

In addition to conversion rates, you can also track the duration of products staying in the fitting room and together with which products they are tried. 

The system adds the products left in the fitting room to department completion list and makes them visible for shoppers. 

Another benefit for fitting room tracking is that you can view which products are being tried in case the shopper in the fitting room asks for help. 

This will increase both service quality and customer satisfaction while positively affecting the sales. 

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