In-Store Call Systems

Retail industry goes "Press the Button, Get the Service!"  

Researches show that shoppers change their mind by 52% when they can't find the attention when they need it. Additionally, dissatisfied shoppers tend to visit the competitor store after leaving a certain store. 

On the other hand, when shoppers receive support when and where needed, sales figures increase by 10% at least. (Source: Deloitte and Touch) 

This in-store messaging platform brings together personnel and shoppers when needed which is beyond a call button but a solution towards measurable customer experience. 

Thanks to wireless call buttons that you can mount anywhere inside the store, shoppers will receive help whenever they want. 

This will open all areas for communication such as shelves, departments, fitting rooms and service areas. 


Personnel Efficiency 

It is possible to identify in how many seconds shoppers’ calls are answered from which location and with which frequency. In this way, you can optimize the number of personnel and measure their performance. 

Customer Satisfaction 

When shoppers receive fast feedback, they leave the store satisfied. Additionally, you can generate cross sales from such satisfaction. 

Fitting Room Management 

The PIR (Passive Infrared) detectors on the buttons inside the fitting rooms inform the system whether the room is empty or not. Such detectors will also generate data on the usage periods of rooms. The system will help preventing losses by checking the rooms continuously. 

Fast and high quality service 

You can assign a different duty to each call button that comes with 4 or 12 key models. (Security need, coin need, missing product need, etc.) This system will reinforce the communication between personnel inside the store while increasing the service speed and quality. 

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