Electronic Shelf Tag

Price tags on the shelves getting smarter. No more checkout and shelf price difference! 

We know that tagging is an intensive, human-focused, mistake-dependent and extremely difficult to control process which altogether make it inevitable to have difference between shelf price and checkout price. 

As brand and product diversity increases every day in retail industry, Electronic Shelf Tags bring speed and efficiency. With central management of electronic tags, you can update price at the same time in physical stores and online stores. You can change and check 90 thousand price tags in 1 hour only and then view the changes in a report on a computer.  

You can also easily identify the place of production on the electronic tag easily. 

  • Operational Efficiency 

Updating and reporting thousands of tags in one go will bring major saving in operational stages too.  

Product Information Management 

You can obtain detailed information about a product via web page thanks to QR code on the tag and receive comments online via social media.  

  • Lighted Signage 

You can enable finding the products with the light on the tag and make promotions more prominent. 

Campaign Management 

You can manage campaigns centrally with time-bound or group-specific options. 

  • Central Management 

The system brings the opportunity to update the prices in both physical and online stores. 

  • Location Accuracy 

You can check whether products are found where they should be and track their planogram compliance. 

  • Department Completion Rate 

It may take time to find the correct shelf even though you know which shelf a specific product belongs to especially in case there are lots of different models to a product. 

It is now possible for personnel to do their job completely in a short time with Electronic Shelf Tags as they attempt to place products in the right shelves. 

You can improve personnel efficiency drastically with this method while increasing the department feeding rate by 50 percent. 

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