Retail industry covers many different categories such as food, garment, technology, etc. which makes it one of the flagships of Turkish economy. This industry continuously accelerates its growth rate in line with the changing consumer habits and rapid developments in technology. 

Technological developments make it inevitable for the retail industry to renew based on market conditions and to fulfill increasing customer demands and responsibilities of retailers in line with new conditions. Technology enables retailers to reduce their costs while accelerating their business processes, improve their services for customers and make difference in competition. 

Sensormatic leads the technological development targeted by retail industry and helps them focus on their main job by providing them with innovative solutions to increase their productivity. 

While integrated store security systems ensure security, in-store analysis platforms enable them to know their customers more closely and measure customer behaviors to take more data-based actions in their daily routine. 

We proudly contribute to the continuous development of retail industry with innovative solutions that we deliver in many areas which directly influence profitability such as product display, prevention of internal and external losses, inventory security, inventory accuracy (RFID), store performance measurement, check-out control or enrichment of customer experience. 

We are honored to be preferred by 60% of the largest 100 retailers, 100% of the largest 25 textile retailers, 90% of the 50 largest local and global textile retailers, 72% of cosmetics retailers and 93% of sports retailers within Turkish retailer industry.


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