In health sector, security of patients and visitors are as important as the security of personnel and buildings. Serving on 7 days 24 hours basis, management of emergencies and natural disasters in hospitals is equally crucial in addition to occupational health and safety.   

Sensormatic designs all systems to work together in all projects that are implemented in health sector as there is a very complicated structure in respect of security needs. 

We perform detailed risk analysis for health sector that features varying degrees of risks. 

We develop smart locks that can report user data and that can be programmed for opening so that valuable medical materials like medications can be protected as they are extremely important in this industry. 

Similarly, we make sure that medications and consumables are stored without any loss starting from entering the facility until they leave the premises thanks to RFID solution. 

We are able to perform routine and burdensome actions such as inventory reporting or counting in such short times that are comparable to minutes. 

We offer electronic wristband technology for mothers and babies to ensure their security after birth. 

The system enables matching right mother and baby while preventing discharge of the baby without authorization. 

While peripheral security systems, access control, personnel attendance control systems, visitor tracking systems and video surveillance solutions are integrated, these systems are also supported by fire detection and announcement systems. 

Thus, all personnel can take relevant actions automatically based on the pre-defined scenarios with all systems in case of an emergency. 

Kayseri City Hospital, Acıbadem Hospital, Manisa City Hospital, Koç University Hospital, Konya Numune Hospital, Memorial Hospital, American Hospital / Tbilisi, Şişli Etfal Hospital, Surgemed Clinic and Onep Private Medical Center are some of the leading medical organizations where we have successfully designed and implemented our solutions to prove our expertise in this area. 


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