Education sector is among those sectors that cover any age group from kindergarten to post graduate students.  

As parents send their children to school starting from very early ages in modern world, the physical and technological infrastructure of educational institutions have become much more important than ever. 

As Sensormatic, we do our best for your children to travel to school in their shuttle and prevent many adverse incidents such as detection of the fault in case of an accident or checking whether any child is left in the building in case of fire all thanks to our integrated and advanced level security systems specially designed for education sector. 

We can check whether students are onboard the shuttle with our In-Shuttle Tracking Systems. 

You can also track whether the shuttle has more passengers than its capacity. 

Moreover, shuttle video records everything in real time. 

Prevention of infectious diseases is extremely important for the quality and sustainability of education. 

We can track whether a student has high fever or not with Thermal Camera and Video Analysis Integrated Solutions in Pandemics. 

Thus, we can prevent spread of the infectious and contagious diseases. 

We have proven our expertise by successfully implementing security products of the leading educational institutions of the country such as Anadolu University, ARI Teknokent, Bilkent University, HEV Kemerköy Schools, İstanbul Technical University, Koç University, Middle East Technical University, Özyeğin University and TED Ankara College.


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