Commercial-Industrial Facilities

Turkey has turned into a rich country in respect of Commercial and Industrial facilities thanks to investments in recent years. 

There are numerous plazas, business centers, shopping malls, sports centers, plants, residences, hospitals and similar commercial developments almost in each city. 

And this has brought the necessity to ensure security of such facilities and buildings which turned it into a "must" service. 

We have been elevating the standards in security technologies for the last 25 years and develop tailor-made projects for facilities with meticulous preparatory processes for each facility. 

Firstly, we conduct an analysis on the facility or building and then identify the risks that are peculiar to that area or location. 

We prioritize perimeter security with personnel attendance control systems in plants and business centers. 

Video analysis and access control systems in stadiums are among our high priority security systems. 

Serving various purposes and using different languages, all these systems are gathered under a single management software to be easily managed by our customers without dedicated operator expertise. 

We develop renewable systems based on the requirements of each facility to be used for many years. 

In cooperation with the industry leaders in Turkey; we integrate security systems of the largest and contemporary buildings of İş Bank Towers, Sabancı Center, Temsa, Mercedes Benz and Arçelik to name just a few.

We also design systems that cater for the security and efficiency of various structures such as Emaar Toscana. 


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