Banking and finance industry is one of the sectors that adapt to new technologies the fastest way possible. 

Such organizations are able to render their internal processes more efficient by using technology to deliver more effective, easier and faster service to their customers. 

Customer security being the most vital part of this industry, organizations are always in the forefront in implementation of security technologies. 

Banks and financial institutions with hundreds of branches have to rely on gunned security personnel, advanced access control systems, all-day-long video surveillance and panic buttons for emergencies to meet their high security concerns. 

Sensormatic offers solutions to banking and financial institutions that can be managed centrally where many systems are carefully integrated based on the requirements of such customers. 

We offer specially integrated solutions that offer benefits of real time and multi-layer management either from a single center or multiple locations for distributed facilities at international scale covering a large geographical area consisting of headquarters, operational units and branches. 

We operate various systems such as biometric access control, peripheral security and fire detection that ensure security of employees, visitors and facilities as a whole in harmony with other predefined scenarios. 

The headquarters, treasury or operational centers, approximately 1000 branches, 2000 ATMs and 2 data centers of Turkey’s largest 9 banks are secured with Sensormatic’s solutions that can be controlled from a single center…

We take pride in sustaining an efficient cooperation with HSBC for 20 years, Akbank for 17 years, Citibank for 16 years, Finansbank for 10 years and Odeabank for 7 years.


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