Aviation and Seaports

Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries in aviation industry as a result of extensive investments so that the country's transportation network is strengthened to be integrated with the rest of the world. 

While investments in land routes continue, the number of passengers and cargo transported via marine fleets has also been increasing. 

The development and growth in industries with high traffic rates bring along high security sensitivity too. 

As one of the strategic industries, aviation is one of the industries where security has to be maintained at the highest level. 

Sensormatic implements all projects in aviation industry in accordance with the standards of United Nations' International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and TSA (Transportation Security Administration).  

We design various systems to be integrated with each other to support simultaneous operational efficiency and to safeguard intensive traffic safety in airports. 

And we help our customers manage their systems from a single control center. 

On the other hand, we also offer electronic security solutions for facilities such as headquarters, branches, maintenance hangars and operational centers for leading organizations of the aviation industry. 

Moreover, we implement projects with varying degrees of security in sea ports where passenger, cargo and personnel traffic is very intensive. 

Sensormatic is proud to serve 27 airports out of 51 active airports of Turkey with 8 of them being the busiest and the most crowded airports of the country as well as 3 overseas airports and finally 3 sea ports, 2 of which are also located overseas. 

We have been proudly serving Turkish State Airports Authority for 23 years, Turkish Airlines for 20 years, Ankara Esenboğa Airport for 19 years, İzmir Airport for 17 years and Bodrum Airport for 5 years. 


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