Customer Experience

Risk Analysis

We start our journey with the knowledge that each customer has their own risk factors. 

We know that risk factors of a retail store and an industrial facility will be different. 

We also know that companies within the same industry with different locations will surely have specific risks. 

That's why, we take the first and the most important step in producing customer-specific solutions: We analyze risks. 

Needs Assesment

We analyze security, technical, reporting and servicing needs and then bring together all requirements of managers. 

We analyze not only security but also efficiency and sustainability areas. We guarantee your security with integrated solution packages that are customised specially for your needs.

Solution Design

We know that it takes design skills to establish an efficient and integrated system that will cover all needs. 

For this reason, we select systems and products that can satisfy all needs with our solutions that we call "design". 

While we determine the solutions based on the cost structure, we also value profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

Product Supply

When we examine nearly 80 international brands with proven success, we see that their common feature is "speed".

Based on this value, we are able to supply products for each project at a speed above the industry average during the design phase.

Thanks to our inventory structure, we can deliver many equipment and device instantly and contribute positively to the pace of the project.


Our expert engineers and technicians who evaluate high technology in the most efficient way carry out the installation and assembly of the designed and approved projects. The installation process includes the preparation of the site, technical work and application steps and it must be planned delicately in accordance with the requirements of the project. At this stage, where we remain loyal to the requirements of the project, we evaluate production facilities, retail stores, museums, office buildings or historical areas separately and perform the installation process in a way that does not damage their original texture.


In this stage, we check systems after installation and our technical team tests the system to make sure it operates properly. 

In projects such as construction site, where we implement the project from scratch, we always pay special attention to the functionality of the system. 

It is our priority to ensure a smooth transition in case of additional projects or a continuing work flow not to interrupt these operations. 


As the correct and productive usage of systems can only be possible by appropriate training, our training department is working constantly to meet this need.

Technical Service

Operational Support: 

We make sure that our systems are used with full performance thanks to on-site service either full or part-time based on the customer's demand. 

This minimizes the interruption in system by reducing the time needed for intervention and solution. 

We make sure that system is used more efficiently with the supporting training for system operators and prevent possible user errors. 

This service also covers providing a system operator on site either full or part time based on customer's demand. 

System Health Check 

We perform health check continuously so that our systems can serve all year round. 

We check by means of dedicated software whether systems work properly and there is no data loss while equipment fulfill their tasks fully. 

Such software are connected to Securitas Remote Surveillance Center and any system failure is reported to the Remote Surveillance Center as an alarm which notifies service teams for instant response. 

Alarm Monitoring 

We install alarm systems that can detect unauthorized access, theft, burglary, flood, gas leakage or fire that are all detected by detectors rapidly in either residential areas or business places. 

The system alarms Securitas Remote Surveillance Center in all emergencies with the panic button that is connected to the system and prevent all possible damages. 

Securitas Remote Surveillance Center can also be integrated to Intrusion Systems that are functional even in case of power cut. 


We report the data generated by our systems and enable businesses to measure their performance and make well informed decisions. 

We develop reports per needs of businesses apart from standard reports and send them to relevant managers to contribute to profitability and efficiency of the business. 

Periodical Maintenance

Periodical maintenance is extremely important for the system to be long lasting. Maintenance services are delivered both in hardware and software. We increase the performance of the system while analyzing the working conditions. We eliminate problems detected by system tests and report all these actions for higher productivity. 

Continuous System Improvement

Our priority is to make our technologies sustainable and improvable. For this reason, we reshape and improve our systems based on the needs of businesses. We embark our journey with the objective to protect the investment which helps us own living systems. 

How Can We Help You?

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